Ash Kabosu Phone Number And Email Address 2023?

Ash Kabosu Phone Number:+1(770) 018-4776

Ash Kabosu is an most popular and talented British musician and the bass guitarist for Lovejoy, with more than 333k followers on instagram and almost 273k subscriber on his YouTube channel. In 2023, Ash Kabosu Phone Number is +1(770) 018-4776.

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Ash Kabosu Phone Number And Email Address 2023

Ash Kabosu Phone Number +1(770) 018-4776
Ash Kabosu House Address [email protected]
Ash Kabosu Official Website

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Ash Kabosu Social Media Accounts Detail 2023

Instagram Followers 323k
TikTok Followers 70.8k
Twitter Followers 260k
Youtube Subscriber 273k

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Ash Kabosu Bio 2023, Age, Date Of Birth

Real Name Ash Kabosu
Nick Name Ashkabosu
Date Of Birth March 26, 1996 
Birth Place England
Age 2023 27 Years Old On Sunday, 26 March 2023
Birth Country UK
Birth State England
Birth Month March
Birth Year 1996
Nationality British
Zodiac Sign Aries

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Ash Kabosu Physical Appearance 2023

Height 5ft 8 Inch, 1.75m, 175cm
Weight 65Kg Or 140 Pounds/Ibs
Eyes Colour Grey Eyes
Hair Colour Blonde
Shoe Size 9 (US) 

Ash Kabosu Family Detail And Girlfriend 2023

Parents Name Mr. Kabosu, Mrs. Kabosu
Father Mr. Kabosu
Mother Mrs. Kabosu
Cole Preston
Siblings Not Sure
Children None

Ash Kabosu Education And Profession

Private University In England 
Profession YouTuber

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