Who Is Meredith Schwarz? Pete Hegseth’s Ex-Wife, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Weight

Who Is Meredith Schwarz?

Meredith Schwarz is a professional American restaurateur with many years of culinary industry experience. To maintain a delicate outcome in her business development, Meredith Schwarz understands how to create a balanced rivalry with her guests.

In 1981, Schwartz was born in the United States. With relatives and close friends, she celebrated her 40th birthday. Even so, she managed to stay in the spotlight. She tries to keep her distance from the limelight due to the fact that she is a very reserved individual.

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Because of Pete Hegseth’s participation in her life, Meredith Schwarz rose to prominence. Ex-husband Pete is an author and an entertainment media contributor who worked for Fox News for many years.

Meridith Schwarz met Pete Hegseth while studying Bachelor of Arts at Princeton University, her future husband. They started dating while in school after falling in love. Following a long courtship, Meredith and Pete Hegseth married in 2004.

After getting married, the couple never had children together. Schwartz and Pete’s marriage lasted only a few years before they separated. Their relationship ended in 2009. Their divorce was primarily caused by Pete’s cheating on his wife with one of his coworkers.

In New York City, Meredith attended Columbia University after she graduated from high school. Having earned a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Restaurant Management from her university, she attended Columbia University.

Meredith is 5’8″ tall and weighs 60kg. Green Brown hair and Hazel’s eyes make her a beautiful woman. She is an American By nationality.

In addition to her work with Encore Consumer Capital, General Mills Venture, and JP Morgan, Meredith Schwarz has been involved in other well-known companies.

She has worked for JP Morgan for five years as an Analyst and Associate since completing her degree in June 2003. Schwarz had to perform many wealth management, acquisition, and merger tasks during her time there.

Having left JP Morgan in August 2008, Meredith joined General Mills’ M&A division, where she was responsible for the company’s numerous transactions.

As of January 2017, Meridith became a Rustica Partner/CEO. In 2006, she helped the Bakery achieve its most profitable year to date thanks to her expertise in financial and market analysis gained from General Mills Inc. and Encore Consumer Capital. Having served as CEO for two years and one month, she switched to Partner/Adviser for Food and Retail.

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In both her professional and private lives, Meredith Schwarz has maintained a calm and collected demeanor. Her net worth is estimated to be around $3 million based on her divorce settlement from Pete Hegseth, her ex-husband. Obviously, she receives a substantial amount of money as the Chief Financial Officer and wife.

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