Andrew Carnegie Net Worth: How Much Rich Was Andrew Carnegie?

Andrew Carnegie Net Worth: $310 Billion

Andrew Carnegie was a famous American industrialist and philanthropist. He was born on November 25, 1835, in America. He started his career in the 19s and became a very popular industrialist in American history.

He became the first philanthropist in the United States and the British Empire. If you are looking for Andrew Carnegie Net Worth and want to know about his life facts, then you are at the right place because today I am here to present you full information about his life. So friends take to have a look at complete details about Andrew Carnegie Net Worth.

Early Life

Andrew Carnegie was a famous industrialist who was born and raised in America. His parents named William Carnegie and Margaret Morrison Carnegie were from the UK, so he was also a UK resident, but then he came to the United States for his career. He was also a famous philanthropist who got a big hall of fame in his career.

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And after completing their early education, he went to his career, where he made many records and got prizes. As he was a famous industrialist, so he was a famous entrepreneur. He was also a motivational speaker in the American businessman community, where he made a new thought in the business field. So he was also a celebrity in America.

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Personal Life

There are many life facts and stories about his life that I will show you. So keep reading full details for better understanding till the end. Andrew Carnegie was a famous industrialist in America who entered his career in the 19s and got a high reputation. He was young and handsome, so he also had a romantic relationship. But then he met Louise EWhitefield Carnegie, whom he loved and married in 1887.

He had lived a beautiful life with his wife, and they also had beautiful children and Margaret Carnegie Miller. She was also lovely and good looking. His height and weight were normal, so he was very handsome. He had beautiful hair and eyes. And then he died on August 11, 1919, due to bronchopneumonia in America. So he was a great celebrity in America.

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Net Worth

Andrew Carnegie was a famous American industrialist who had a net worth of $310 Billion, but friends, this is only an estimated value of his wealth so it can be less or more. He was also a right heart celebrity as he donated a massive amount of his income to American trustees and other defence departments.

Awards and Nominations

  •         Best Industrialist Award of the year
  •         Most reputed businessman Award of the year
  •         Top-rated business celebrity Award of America

Last Words

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