Who Is Kimberly Anne Scott? Kimberly Anne Scott Bio (2021), Age, Net Worth, Height, Body Measurements, Relationship

Who Is Kimberly Anne Scott?

Kimberly Ann Scott is one of the most prominent figures in the video game and music industry. She is the ex-wife of the American rapper, Eminem. She became famous through her marriage to the rapper. The rapper often mentioned her in his song in the early days of his career.

Her twin sister Dawn Scott died in January 2016 after an apparent drug overdose while they were both in their teens due to an abusive, alcoholic step-father. The first days of her life were spent in Warren, Michigan, where she was born on January 9, 1975, to Kathleen Sluck.

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A freelance illustrator and designer, Kim’s experience ranges from working on picture books, greeting cards, puzzles, licensing, calligraphy, and other creative projects. Her work for Egmont includes ‘The Terrible Time Without Tilly’ and ‘Monty Wins the Cup’.

Kim grew up living with an alcoholic stepfather and her mother who abused her. She and her ten-year-old twin were forced to run away from home. They could no longer endure her stepfather’s abuse and ran away from home.

In 1975, Kathleen Sluck and Casimer Sluck produced Kim. She and her twin sister Dawn Scott endured a rough childhood, with their stepfather becoming an alcoholic and abuser of the two during his later years.

They fled the house at age 13 and moved from one place to another to find shelter. They then lived in a youth home for a while before moving in with Eminem (Marshall Mathers III) and his mother, Debbie Nelson.

Their relationship began when the two were teens. Eminem asked his mom whether Scott could move in with them when they were 13, but things didn’t work out very well because the relationship became very toxic throughout the years.

Their daughter Hailie Jade was born on 25th December 1995. Eminem made the determination to work even harder so her future would be spared the harsh experiences he had as a child.

Kim and Eminem began their relationship in 1999 but eventually divorced in 2001. Eminem and Rolling’s Stone magazine were interviewed and he stated that he would prefer to have a baby through his penis than get married again.

At the age of 14, Scott was charged with cocaine possession leading to a one-month jail term. Years later, she crashed a car into a pole while driving under the influence. She later disclosed this was a suicide attempt.

Despite drinking, taking pills, and shooting at the pole, Scott said it was intentional, adding, “I never expected to survive. I can pay bills. My kids can have whatever they want and it’s fantastic to see them happy.

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Since the year 2021 out of the millions she has accumulated, the ex-wife of American rapper Eminem has amassed an estimated net worth of $2 million and has worked in several different fields including producing children’s books, greeting cards, and much more.